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Polartekst creates dynamic texts that engage the reader

Whether you need a catchy brochure to present your products or company, a smart article for your website, an easy to read user manual for your customers – polartekst can help you! 

We deliver transations of many different types of texts into, from and between the Scandinavian languages. We always bear in mindt that the text should be easy to read and understand, and that the message needs to be crystal clear. 

One might think that a translation should be identical to the source text. However, it is not unusual that the translated text differs quite a lot from the source. What makes a translation good, is not that it is an exact copy of the original, but that it is a text that can be used instead of the source text.

When you read a good translation, you will not notice that it is a translation. It will seem like the text is written in the language you are reading it in!

In addition to the translation of texts we also produce content, tailored to your needs. In the information overload we see on the internet today, it is particularly important to stand out to catch the attention of the reader. We can help you create unique texts that give you the edge you need to succeed.

About polartekst

Polartekst is a Norwegian registered translation agency with offices in Fjerdingby, just outside Oslo. The company (reg.no NO 924403616) is owned by the holding company PKP AS and is managed by Anita Karlson.

We have chosen the Scandinavian languages as a niche market and offer high quality translations into, from and between the Scandinavian languages Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Icelandic.

Polartekst is a company that is small enough to give our customers a personal service. You will receive your own contact person that will help you in the translation process and answer any questions or queries you might have. At the same time, we have the capacity to scale up and handle larger projects with the help of our professional freelancers.

We have a large pool of freelancers that are ready to translate your text. Polartext always uses mother tongue translators to ensure a high-quality translation. This means that the translators will only translate into their own mother tongue.

General Manager
Anita Karlson

When you contact polartekst it is Anita you will meet. She is the general manager and project manager at polartekst. Anita has here education from Molde University College where she studied computer science. She has worked as a translator from 2002 and work with the English, German, and Norwegian languages.

Freelance Translators

The translators are handpicked for each project and chosen based on their qualifications and competence in the respective fields. The translators either have an education in translations/linguistics or have extensive work experience as a translator combined with strong competence in one or more fields. This way we can ensure a high-quality translation.



We perform translations into, from and between the Scandinavian languages. By only working with one language group in this way, we have the possibility to increase our capabilities in this specific market and offer high quality translations in a waste variety of topics.

Our translators are freelancers that translate into their respective mother tongues. All our translations are proofread, and quality checked by a second linguist before delivery.

Content production

We can all write! However, writing a good text can be more challenging than expected. To succeed with a text there are many factors to take into consideration. For example: How is the target group? What writing style should be used? How can the message best be conveyed? In addition, you need to be able to follow the grammatic rules of the language and know how to create a text that is easy to read.

This is something we can help you with. We deliver tailor maid texts suited to your needs and wishes. We make sure the text flows well and is suited for the target group. This way you will be on your way to achieving the goals you need to meet with your text.


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Freelance translators

We are always looking for freelance translators working with one or more of the Scandinavian languages. You either need to have an education in translation or linguistics and minimum 2 years’ work experience, or high competence in one or more fields combined with minimum 5 years work experience as a translator.<br><br>

If interested, send us your updated CV with information about language combinations, software and experience to post @ polartekst . no.<br><br>

We do not work with freelancers for language combinations not involving at least one of the Scandinavian languages.

Freelance Writers

At the moment we are looking for skilled Norwegian writers. You need to be able to write error free Norwegian and be able to adapt your style to the customers needs. Knowledge in SEO is preferred, but not required. Please send your CV and two examples of texts you have written to post @ polartekst . no.

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